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Cairns currently in the Camp Lone Star Rescue program are listed below. Click a name to read more about that dog.

Recently adopted!
State: TX Sex: Male Age: 4 yrs Weight: 11 lbs Color: Red Wheaten

This cute-as-a-button little guy is called Murphy! He was given to CLSR earlier this year by a backyard breeder (who had docked his tail for some reason). Murphy is a very cuddly kind of guy and he especially likes to get tummy rubs. He's 3 years old and he weighs 11 lbs.

When Murphy first arrived to us, he tested heartworm positive. However, he has now gone through the full heartworm eradication treatment and is clear of them. He also stays on heartworm preventative monthly to prevent them from ever coming back again. Murphy is neutered and he's had a recent dental. He's up-to-date on his shots, has been dewormed, and is micro-chipped also.

Murphy is crate trained, and sleeps quietly in one for his naps and overnights. He's working hard on his potty training and no longer needs to wear a bellyband here at his foster home. He is also learning to walk on lead which is a brand-new skill for him.

Murphy's play group consists of an elderly schnauzer female and another terrier male. When Theo was here, Murphy played with him a lot also. He's not been possessive of toys and focuses mainly on his people. He loves to get attention and to be cuddled. He also loves to follow us where we go to see what we might be going to do. :)

What do you think? Does little Murphy look like someone you'd like to meet? If so, please fill out his online adoption application and that will start the ball rolling for you to meet him in person one day very soon. Murphy says, "Thank you very much for supporting cairn terrier rescue!"

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Available for adoption!
State: TX Sex: Female Age: 8 yrs Weight: 12 lbs Color: Black brindle

Jessie is a gorgeous, 7-year-old cairn girl who came into CLSR from a Louisiana puppymill recently. Her coat is a beautiful black and gray brindle.

CLSR has brought her up-to-date on her medical needs, including shots, deworming, heartworm testing, spaying and a dental. She tested heartworm negative, thankfully, and she stays on heartworm preventative here at her foster home. Jessie weighs 12 lbs.

Like all fur-kids coming from a puppymill, Jessie needs to learn everything about what it's like to live inside a house. She's very friendly to people and is working on learning good manners with them. She adores toys! She carries them around and sometimes even tries to hide them in her crate or in the couch cushions -- they're so precious to her! :) We don't think she ever had toys before in her whole little life.

At present, Jessie is working on potty training and will soon start working on leash training. She is doing really well on crate training. She sleeps quietly in one for her naps and overnights, and keeps it clean now as well.

Would you like to meet Jessie in person? All it takes is filling out her online adoption application! That will start the process rolling to arrange your very own, up-close-and-personal, meet and greet with her sometime very soon.

Jessie says, "Thank you for supporting cairn terrier rescue!" :)

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Available for adoption!
State: TX Sex: Male Age: 3 yrs Weight: 10 lbs Color: Wheaten

Douglas is a very sweet, young cairn mix who came into CLSR recently from a local shelter. His coat was matted to the skin when we received him so, as you can see in his pictures, it had to be all shaved off. It's growing back now and is a beautiful light brown color. Douglas is estimated to be 3 years old by our vet. We think he's probably a cairn terrier / yorkie mix.

This little guy is playful and young, and he's been good with the other dogs here. He mostly plays with Murphy and Jessie, but he also LOVES to cuddle with his people! He's quite the little character! Douglas sleeps quietly in his crate at night and keeps it dry. His leash walking skills are basic. He's not afraid of the leash, but not well-trained on it either.

Medically speaking, Douglas is up-to-date on his shots and has been dewormed. He tested negative for heartworms thankfully, and we keep him on monthly heartworm prevention meds here at his foster home. Douglas is neutered and micro-chipped. He recently had a dental also. Douglas is working on his potty training.

Does this little one appeal to your heart? If so, he'd love to meet you! :) To schedule an up-close and personal meeting with Douglas, please fill out our online application for him by clicking on his name. Someone will be in touch with you quickly to walk you through the process.

Thank you for supporting cairn rescue! :)

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Recently adopted!
State: TX Sex: Male Age: 23 months Weight: 23 lbs Color: Gray brindle

Young William is the newest member of our pack here at Camp Lone Star Rescue! He's a beautiful, young, gray brindle cairn mix who loves people and is good with other dogs. His prior owner surrendered him to a local shelter recently, but CLSR ran to pull him out of there right away.

William was raised in a private home, and he's shown himself to be crate-trained, potty trained, and leash trained here in foster care. He's young and very playful, and he was raised with two other dogs (one big, one small) in his former home. He does pull on leash sometimes and other times he forgets and jumps up on you, so we'd recommend taking him to obedience training to assist in breaking him of those two things.

William's birthdate is May 2, 2013. He's medically up-to- date on his shots and deworming. He tested heartworm negative and is kept on heartworm preventative monthly. He also is neutered and micro-chipped. William weighs 23 lbs.

This little one is such a nice kid! :) He loves to cuddle with his people when he's not playing with toys or checking out something in the play yard.

Does he look like someone that you'd like to meet? If so, please click on his name above. That will take you to a link to our online adoption application and start the approval process rolling. :) We look forward to hearing from you. And thank you for supporting cairn rescue!

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