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Available for adoption!
State: TX Sex: Male Age: 3 yrs Weight: 14 lbs Color: Red

Henry Charles is a beautiful, young, red cairn boy who was given up by his former family due to a job loss and resulting financial difficulties. He's a very good-natured kid who had been raised by them since puppyhood. His birthday is July 20, 2011 and he's just coming up on 3 years old.

Henry was raised around other dogs, cats and children, so he knows how to play well with others. He is a bouncy kind of guy due to his young age and lack of formal training, so some obedience training would be highly recommended. He's very athletic like most young cairn males, but he also loves to be petted and is very affectionate with his people.

Henry is crate-trained and mostly potty trained too. He sleeps quietly in his crate overnight here at his foster home and keeps it clean. He does need work on walking on lead though. He's not afraid of a leash, but just isn't used to one as they mostly had him play in their backyard for exercise.

Medically speaking, Henry Charles has been brought up-to-date on his shots, has been dewormed, tested heartworm negative and stays on heartworm prevention here at his foster home, and he was also neutered by CLSR. Henry also has been microchipped.

Are you looking for a playful, friendly young man like Henry Charles? If so, please fill out his online adoption application today and someone will be in touch with you very quickly to arrange a meet-n-greet with him. Henry says, "Please hurry! I'd love to meet you!" :)

Thank you for supporting cairn terrier rescue.

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Recently adopted!
State: TX Sex: Male Age: 3 yrs Weight: 12 lbs Color: Light brindle

Theo is a very handsome, little cairn-yorkie mix who came into CLSR from a shelter recently. We don't know his exact birthday, but our vet estimates him to be 3 years old. Theo weighs 12 lbs. and he has a beautiful, light brindle coat.

Theo is up-to-date on his shots, is neutered, has been dewormed, and is microchipped. When he first came into our rescue, he was heartworm positive, but he has now successfully completed the full heartworm treatment also.

This little boy loves to cuddle with you when he's not playing with toys or the other dogs here. He is very much a snuggle-bunny! Theo sleeps quietly through the night in a crate. He's used to walking on lead, but needs more training on walking only to your lefthand side. He seems to be mostly potty trained already too. It's pretty clear that somebody loved him a lot and kept him as their housemate at some point in his past. He is full of life and love, and often seems to have a smiling face when you look at him.

Does this playful, friendly little boy sound like the new friend that you've been searching for? If he does, please fill out our online adoption application to start the process rolling for an in-person visit with him. :)

Thank you for supporting cairn rescue.

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Available for adoption!
State: LA Sex: Male Age: 8 yrs Weight: 14 lbs Color: Wheaten

An update from Cole's foster mom:

"Cole is doing well! During my time with Cole I see that he absolutely LOVES to be outside. Here at home, he stays out in the yard -- alert to every movement or taking a nap in the sun. I keep the storm door propped open for him. He comes in to check on me and drink or eat occasionally . At the island, he is on the big deck all day -- watching for boats or people or birds or animals. I have to make him come inside when it gets dark. This is a nature-loving dog! He will even go out in the rain.

"Cole goes into his crate easily with a small treat. He also rides well in the car. When I get his harness down, I put it on the floor and say, "Get in your harness; let's go." He comes right over & tries to put his paws in the right place. He is such a good boy, but he still needs work on learning not to mark.

"When I make him come in at dark, he wants to sit and cuddle and be a lap dog. He has not dug one time here. I have a chain link fence & he has not tried to climb out while here either."

Are you looking for a boy who would love to walk and/or hike with you? Cole just might be the boy! By filling out our online adoption application, you start the process rolling for a chance to meet this nature-loving boy.

Thank you for supporting cairn rescue.

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Available for adoption!
State: LA Sex: Female Age: 7 yrs Weight: 0 lbs Color: Black brindle

Clara is a beautiful, 7-year-old, black brindle cairn girl. She came into CLSR recently from a puppy mill that was closing.

Since arriving at CLSR, she has been spayed, had a dental, and has had all of her shots brought up to date. Clara was a very light heartworm positive when she came to us, but her heartworm treatment has been successfully completed now and she's heartworm free. She receives monthly heartworm medication at her foster home.

Clara had a terribly matted coat when she first arrived, so she had to be completely shaved down. Her coat is now beginning to grow back out though. As you can see in her pictures, Clara is going to be absolutely stunning when she has her full coat of hair back. :)

Clara is doing extremely well on her potty training. She keeps her crate clean with no accidents and only uses her newspaper in her x-pen if her Foster Mom is gone for a long period of time. She also keeps her x-pen dry all night long. Her foster home has a doggy door and Clara caught on to using it very quickly, so she takes herself outside into the backyard to potty when duty calls.

This little one has a wonderful, very happy disposition. In fact, she seems to smile all the time. She is a very quiet girl and you rarely hear her. She likes to follow her Foster Mom everywhere and watches everything that Foster Mom does very intently, thereby learning all about living inside a house. Unlike many mill dogs, house noises have not scared her at all.

It's so funny to watch Clara when you give her a treat! She will drop it on the floor, pounce on it with her front legs, grab it up off the floor, toss it in the air, and then when it falls back to the floor she will then roll on it. After that, she will either eat it -- or bury it inside her crate in her bedding for a midnight snack. She gets so excited playing with her treat that her tail just wags and wags, and she has a wonderful time with it. Clara evidently has never had treats before.

Clara gets along with all the other dogs in her foster home, both males and females. She doesn’t really initiate play wit... (Continued)

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