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Available for adoption!
State: TX Sex: Female Age: 3 yrs Weight: 14 lbs Color: Wheaten

Little Miss Kaitlin is a beautiful, young wheaten girl who came into CLSR from a backyard breeder. She's 2 right now, but will turn 3 years old on April 15, 2014. Kaitlin weighs 14 lbs. and she's up-to-date on all of her medical items.

She has a bouncy, sweet personality and she's interacted well with other dogs here. She's submissive to people, as are many former breeder dogs, but she's very full of life and eager to greet each day. She LOVES to have her tummy rubbed!

Kaitlin is quite the athletic youngster! She's able to climb chainlink and has also shown an ability to open U-latches. So we have her use a plastic crate with a pinch- type lock here at her foster home and we put carabiners on all the U-latches in her play area. She hasn't been able to open those, thankfully. :)

This young girl is already crate-trained and she walks okay on leash, but she'll need more training to learn to walk only to the left, etc. She's working on her housetraining and is making progress. She's also learning to not jump up on people. With some consistent and loving training in her life, we know that Kaitlin will become a very civilized young lady one day.

Does this little girl sound like the Forever Companion that you've been searching for? If you'd like to meet her in person, please fill out an adoption application online and put "Kaitlin" in the area that asks which specific cairn you're interested in. Then within a very short while, you'll be able to visit with her and find out if she is the one for you.

Thank you very much for supporting cairn terrier rescue! :)

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Available for adoption!
State: TX Sex: Female Age: 9 yrs Weight: 18 lbs Color: Black brindle

We're still just getting to know Felice, a beautiful, dark brindle girl who came into CLSR from a local shelter. Her former family had an only child, a baby who was just entering into toddler stage, and the mom said she was too overwhelmed with the care of two dogs and a now-walking child. So she gave both of her dogs to the shelter -- which is where we found Felice.

Felice is 9 years old and she's up-to-date on her medical items, including a recent dental. She's house trained, crate trained and leash trained as you would expect from her being with that family from puppyhood up until just recently. She likes her daily walks with Foster Dad, but hasn't seemed too interested in playing with toys yet. But she does like to get tummy rubs and will easily show you her tummy so that you can do just that for her! :)

Felice was good at the groomer's and good at the vet's, and was around a variety of dogs at both places. We think that she may have been kept fairly isolated with just the other family dog (a large dog) for company most of the time, though, as she is a little on the reserved side with other animals. She just seems to prefer people. When you pat your chair, she is quick to jump up to sit beside you and just hang out. She likes to do cairn talking to you sometimes too.

Would you like to have a beautiful new friend like Felice? If you would, please fill out the online application for her to start the approval process rolling. Within a very short while of your doing that, we will set up a time and place for you to meet this very pretty, black brindle girl to see if it would be a good match. Felice says, "Please hurry! I'd love to meet you!" :)

Thank you for supporting cairn rescue.

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Recently adopted!
State: TX Sex: Male Age: 8 yrs Weight: 18 lbs Color: Black brindle

Edmund is one very handsome, 8-year-old, purebred cairn terrier. :)

He was given up by his prior family due to their impending re-marriage and relocation -- but their loss has turned into CLSR's gain! Edmund is very good-natured and he gets along with all the other dogs in his play group here at his foster home. He's also crate-trained, leash- trained and house trained. Edmund is always ready for a snuggle, and he likes to sit beside you as you watch television or read a book in the evening. This boy is a very good companion and an "easy keeper". :)

Medically speaking, Edmund is up-to-date on his shots, is neutered, and has had a recent dental. He came into CLSR in a heartworm-positive state, but has since gone through the heartworm treatment successfully and stays on monthly heartworm preventative. He has a beautiful black brindle coat and he weighs 18 lbs. His birthday is July 25, 2005.

Are you looking for a new canine BFF? Might Edmund be the one for you? If you'd like to meet him in person to discuss the matter, please fill out the adoption application on his bio page. That will start the ball rolling for you to visit with him in the very near future. Edmund will be looking forward to it! :)

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Available for adoption!
State: LA Sex: Male Age: 8 yrs Weight: 14 lbs Color: Wheaten

Sweet Mr. Cole is a pleasant, friendly, quiet little boy who came into CLSR recently due to his former owner falling seriously ill. He's a handsome, wheaten-coated boy of 8 years. It's obvious that Cole has been treated well throughout his life because he plays well with the other dogs here at his foster home, and he loves to receive skritches and cuddles from his people too.

Cole is not an alpha kind of guy nor is he a big barker. He loves to initiate play bows and is very easygoing. He walks really well on leash, and he's crate- trained and housetrained also. He isn't rowdy in the house, but he does like to stay busy outside -- running around, checking the fence line, etc. In fact, he loves playing in my fenced backyard so much that sometimes a treat is needed to call him in. :) Cole is very food- motivated which will be helpful in teaching him new things.

Medically speaking, Cole is current on his shots, is neutered, and is heartworm negative. He has had a recent dental and been dewormed. Cole has an underbite. He weighs 14 lbs. His birthday is Oct.18, 2005.

Does Mr. Cole sound like the one for you? He is a very lovable kid and a true southern gentleman who would very much like to meet you! If you'd like to start that process rolling, please fill out our adoption application and note that he's the one you're interested in. Pretty soon thereafter, a visit will be arranged for you to meet him in person.

Thank you for supporting cairn rescue! :)

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Recently adopted!
State: TX Sex: Female Age: 5 months Weight: 6 lbs Color: Black brindle

This little cutie just arrived in CLSR. She's just coming up on 3 months old and will be available after her medical items are all in order -- probably by the first week of May 2014.

She's sweet and full of energy and is working very hard right now on learning potty training. :) More news as I have some. She's a hoot! :)

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